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Recommended Tools For Network Marketers

Here are some awesome tools and resources we use every day, and highly recommend to you.

Each of these services are absolutely excellent tools that help my business run very smoothly. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use these. You can still “get by” without them, they are just tools that I personally use and recommend because they make life much easier..

Aweber Emailing System

Do you have a landing page or in the process of building one? You should be, how else are you going to generate your own leads. when a visitor comes to your landing page you can have them enter their name and email address in the subscription box. This information is then collected in your Aweber account. You can then schedule emails ot be sent to these visitors automatically. That’s a great way to build your business. Get started today

Commercial Emailing Systems

A crucial part of running ANY online business is the need for a commercial emailing system. Often these are mistakenly called Autoresponders. It’s an old name left over from the 90’s.

A commercial emailing system is a must have tool for growing an emailing list and remaining in touch with your subscribers and prospects. On your lead capture page, landing page, website or blog you place some special code on your page where you want the capture form to appear. This code is provided by the emailing company you choose to go with.

Of course you can easily have an outsourced web developer do all the work for you. Your focus needs to remain on growing your business not on becoming a web developer.

When the form is activated, it will collect the prospects contact information, for example, name, email and telephone. This information will go into your list you made in your commercial emailing account.

This is the cool part: now you can have email messages automatically sent to your prospects without you even being awake. Also you can send broadcast email messages to all your subscribers any time you want.

Are you beginning to see the power of having such a great system at your fingertips?

It even gets better, but lets leave that until you are more experienced.

There are a number of recommended systems you might choose from. For over 10 years I used Aweber. They have a good system which is very step by step for getting set up and responsive customer support for when you need personalized assistance.

Other good ones are MailChimp and GetResponse. I have used GetResponse but not MailChimp

You can get a free trial at Aweber by clicking this link

this is an amazing program that does pretty much everything that Microsoft Office does except its FREE That’s right, FREE. You can use it to open your leads files, write letters, reports etc etc.

Shopping Cart Software (Hosted) 1ShoppingCart is a completely integrated solution. It includes a Shopping Cart, Ad Tracker, Autoresponders, Affiliate Program Management, and More!


Worried you don’t have the knowledge or skills needed to set up websites and email systems? That’s no problem. You can find skilled contractors with all the skills for low cost on Odesk. I post jobs on Odesk, every week, select the best bid and let them do the work. Trust me, I’m by no means a technical wiz!

James Hannan

Don you and your company continue to impress me. You have under promised and over delivered in so many areas and have given me so much confidence in you, your team and your company. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use your services.

Brian Garvin

Wow! I was floored at the responsiveness of these leads. Usually when I join a lead company I never know what to expect next. It's one of the best programs I've been involved with not to mention an easy sell. And being personal friends with the owner should vouch for the credibility of this site even more!

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